This woman, Lady Gaga, gives me more courage than anyone on this planet. She is HER. She is standing up for me, because it is the right thing to do.

“It’s not equality. if it is only sometimes.” -Lady Gaga

We want:

  • To be who we are without fear of getting jumped, harassed, or mocked
  • To be able to stay in the hospital with our spouses, just as married straight people are able to do.
  • To be able to give blood, because not all gay people have HIV
  • To serve openly in the millitary to defend our nation
  • For people to not hate us simply because of who we are attracted to.

This is what Mother Monster is fighting for. And we as Americans should be fighting along side her. Because we are in America, and everyone is equal. Regardless or race,age,gender,sexual orientation,religion,political beliefs, or weight.


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