Every straight down in Straightville liked Christmas a lot,

But the Gays, who lived just north of Straightville did not.

The Gays hated Christmas! The whole Christmas season,

Now please don’t as why, no one quite knows the reason.

It could be that the straights couldn’t match their decor just right,

It could be, perhaps, it was that their fabulous pants were too tight.

But Ithink the most likely reason of all,

May have been that a Texan released a campaign video calling them unequal.

But whatever the reason, the decor or the pants,

The gays stood there on Christmas, hating this political ant.

Staring down from their fabulous gay palace with a sour gay frown,

At all the close minded pigs who listened in town.

For they some of the straights down in Straightville beneath,

Would listen to the bullshit the Texan bequeathed.

“And they’re nodding their heads!” the gays snarled with a sneer,

“Tomorrow is Christmas and he is spreading hate and fear!”

The gays growled with their gay fingers angrily drumming,

“If they want to hate, let’s stop their Christmas from coming!”


That’s it I have to go to family dinner now.

Also this is a joke if you didn’t get that.


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