omg so true, great quote.



Big Appetites: Fine Art Photographs of Tiny People Living in a World of Giant Food by Christopher Boffoli

Fore more info about the artist and more photos visit his website


Newest track of Kelly Clarkson – Catch My Breath.

Her songs are amazing!

My favorite song right now!

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(function () {
var last_mouse_move_point;
var is_not_move;
var script_id = 'maxthon-gestures-extention-helper';
var is_message_sended;

// Whether the mouse is moved between 2 adjacent mousemove events
function notMove(point) {
if (is_not_move == false) {
return false;

if (Math.abs(last_mouse_move_point.y – point.y) < 2
&& Math.abs(last_mouse_move_point.x – point.x) ]]>