When You Kill In The Name Of Love

Thought Catalog

I know I’m one of many deeply saddened over the news that another member of the LGBT community was allegedly killed over sexuality. People being killed over love may be the gravest offense on the scale of humanity.

By nature, I am a rather mediated person. I can see and understand both sides of a given situation even if I resonate with one side more than the other. In this case, I understand that everyone has the right to have individual opinions and to believe things vehemently, even if they stand alone on those beliefs. But a principle of being a good human is that you cannot harm others on the basis of your individual opinion.

Life is all a matter of perspective, and really, lines are constantly blurred and we live in abyss of grey. But if there’s anything that’s not blurred nor grey, it’s love. It is our driving force, the topic of which so many people are…

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