Rainbows Live Forever

Nick Abroad

A month ago I was stopped in my tracks during my walk to work. The rainbow crossing which had lit up Taylor Square since mid March was gone, removed in the dead of night while the city’s residents were asleep.

I was, frankly, shocked.  But let me take you back a back a few weeks to give you some background.

Earlier this year a political wrangle started between the Sydney City Council (along with its supporters) and the Liberal State Government when the council wanted to put two brightly coloured rainbows across the pedestrian crossings at Taylor Square, arguably the heart of gay Sydney, in time for this year’s Mardi Gras.  The road, however, was ‘owned’ by the State, not the Council.

A compromise was reached, not two but one rainbow crossing was agreed to, but on a ‘trial basis’.  Funds needed to be set aside not only to paint…

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Minnesota Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

Lucifer the Light-Bearer

Twin Cities Pride 2012After passing both houses of the state legislature, a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in Minnesota was signed into law Tuesday afternoon by Governor Mark Dayton. Thousands gathered outside the State Capitol in St. Paul to witness the signing of the bill, after which many of them paraded downtown to drink beer and listen to live music (because Minnesota is just that cool). In support of the pending legislation, St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman had the Wabasha Street Bridge adorned with gay pride flags earlier this week, and declared May 13-17 “Freedom to Marry Week.” Minnesota is the 12th U.S. state to legalize same-sex marriage, the third this month (after Rhode Island and Delaware), and the second in the Midwest (after Iowa). The law will take effect August 1st.

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